photo takumi ota

A long time ago, SAKAHACHI was a craft Japanese sake brewery.
Blessed with rich water, our family lived in an ancient house in Shiga prefecture, and brewed sake in our old cellar, which were both deeply rooted in the local community.
Now, the old ancient house has been remodeled into an apartment, and the memory of our family as a sake brewer has long been gone. The few pieces of family history now live in the remains of the big sake cellar, which still stands to this day.
We’d like to go back to the old days,and brew sake again, and make sake known and popular the world over.

As a first step, we have saved and protected a Japanese traditional “Machiya” townhouse in Kyoto, and we’d like to offer this place as where people can enjoy artisanal sake.
BEFORE9 started with hopes of creating a community where people from all over the world can enjoy sake in a place that fits right in this historic town of Kyoto.
Old wooden beams, walls and the roof are kept in their original place, and blend together with the standing tables and the countertops, which are designed in a modern way that fits with the sentiment of the building’s architectural heritage.
Japanese craft beer and Japanese sake, served with delicious dishes under the light of our fisherman’s lamp.
We believe you will enjoy the community of people who gather here at BEFORE 9 to take pleasure in life.

Starting with the brand new BEFORE 9, we hope to spread our message out to the wider world!

May 2016