DIG THE LINE BOTTLE & BARは、Bottle ShopとBarを併設します。

Bottle Shopでは、DIG THE LINEがスウェーデンやフランスなどヨーロッパから輸入したクラフトビールを中心に、国内外からセレクトしたゲストビールと日本酒を販売。
クラフトビールを缶詰して持ち帰ることができる”TAP TO CAN”も行っています。

作り手の背景や街のストーリーを紐解き、京都という歴史と伝統が息づく古都で、”KYOTO STYLE EVOLUTION”を提案していきます。


DIG THE LINE BOTTLE & BAR is our combined bottle shop and bar.

At the bottle shop, you can find the beers that we import side by side with carefully selected guestbeers from both
Japan and abroad, as well as sake bought directly from the sake breweries. We also do Tap-to-canservice, which means
you can get any beer from the taps canned to bring with you home.

At the bar, which is open from morning until evening, you’ll always find 8 craft beers on tap, as wellas sake together
with our creative cuisine.Together with the craftsmen who created Kyoto, the old capital breathingwith history and
tradition, we propose a “Kyoto Style Evolution”.

Out hope is that this “New Kyoto” will become a street corner of the world, creating abundant “lines”that ties together
the people of the world.